Well, he was sorta asking for it, dressing in such flammable clothing.

if he didnt want to get set on fire, he should have stayed indoors

He was probably drinking that night, alcohol makes you susceptible to fire.

If it’s a legitimate inferno, the male body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

God I love you, Internet.

Why didn’t he stop, drop, and roll? He should have stopped, dropped, and rolled. He must have secretly wanted it.

If you read the article, eyewitnesses said the man had purchased a lighter earlier that same day. Dude probably set himself on fire and lied about it. Typical.

He should have relaxed and enjoyed it. After all it was just a bit of kindling cuddling

We need to start educating people about wearing fire-safe clothing and carrying extinguishers with them at all times. For their own safety.

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We’ve been ‘cool’ for a very long time, and in that sense our culture has been taken for a very long time. How do we define when we’ve arrived? It’s not when a young, white girl in Berkley is wearing nice garlands or those nice buddhist beads, or wearing bindi. I don’t feel like my life in anyway has been improved because she has the ability to do that and thinks that’s okay. My life hasn’t improved. The life of my mother has not improved. Our voice as a community within this economic system has not improved. 

A good friend of mine, she’s south Indian, and she grew up in Connecticut. Her mom would make her wear her bindi and go to school. She would get harassed by kids… she would be harassed so much that what she would do, is that because she was so ashamed to have that bindi on her head, she would leave her house, wipe it off… and then come home and put it back on.

To the point where a child would have to think about such a deliberate attempt to refute their own culture I think is pretty profound. If there’s a white girl wearing a bindi walking down central avenue in the heights, she’s not considered a dot head, even though she has a dot on her head.

For me, the feeling is disgust and anger. The way I look at it if I see it, I just get so mad because I think, how dare this person be able to wear that, or hold that, or put that statue in her house and not take any of the oppression for that. How dare they. That’s not fair. We have to take so much heat and repression for expressing ourselves.

I’m going to rip that thing off your head, and I’m going to scrub that mehndi off your hands, because you don’t have the right to wear it. Until the day when you walk in our shoes, and you face what we face… the pain, and the shame, and the hurt, and the fear, you don’t have the right to wear that. It is not your right, and you’re not worthy of it. I feel like it’s so superficial and it’s so disrespected. One day, wake up, be me, and then you’ll see how powerful what you’re wearing is. ”

—Raahi Reddy, Yellow Apparel: When the Coolie Becomes Cool 


y’all wanna talk about muslims being terrorists i live in a islamic country and we had ZERO school shootings in the history of this country SOMEONE is shooting something up and it sure aint us 


Soo Sunny Park (b. Seoul, Korea) - Unwoven Light at Rice University’s Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas. Composed of 37 individual sculptural units, the installation uses iridescent plexi-glass embedded in pieces of a chain link fence to cast shimmering, colorful reflections across the spacious gallery. 

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This is important

❝ Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete<
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera…

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Is it true that Africa was a shithole before colonization because a lot of blacks on here seem to think it was some sort of paradise before whites came along.







At one point it was just like every other land because everywhere were uneducated tribes struggling to do anything. They all evolved though to what we have today while Africa stayed the same. The most prosperous places in Africa today are thanks to “colonization” from Europeans in the south and west and Arabs in the north and now china more recently. A lot of central Africa is prime fertile land and resource rich but leave it to them to fuck it all up. Africa was no paradise or advanced civilization that was sacked by the white man who stole their technology and shit. The greatest thing they can claim was Egypt but that in itself is mostly wrong, as Nubians took Egypt during its end cycle when it was destabilized, though they went on to get it taken again anyway before Egypt finally fell. A lot of the silly claims about Africa and black people in general is mostly Afrocentric conspiracies and shit tier research and and African history revisionist bullshit from the 70’s and 80’s era black pride/panther propaganda. Or they someone use the few (basically almost none) examples of the contrary as absolute and definitive proof that we are all wrong and Africa was this great empire or something. No one on this planet agrees and nothing credible supports it. Hate me or dont, but of all races and ethnicity and skin color and whatever, Africa and blacks have contributed the least to mankind. So much so if this were to be plotted on a chart of some sort, the gap between them and Asians and Arabs and Hispanics and Europeans would be massive.

Oh wait..


Instead of actually aiming to rise up and improve themselves and so on the bulk of them would much rather bitch and complain and bring people (white people specifically) down and put all their lifes failures on them and events of the past. And act racist when fighting racism.

And saying that as a white guy makes me racist. Or a race traitor uncle tom that needs to hurry back to the “pickin fields before massuh comes home” if I were black and saying this.

This is the most racist disgusting unfounded rhetoric I have seen in a while. You have to be one of the most disgusting people I have unfortunately come across on this website. “Africa was just a bunch of uneducated tribes”. Clearly you have no idea what the meaning of the word tribe is in this context, and you also know absolutely NOTHING about African people’s and societies pre-colonisation. Stop talking out of your asscrack you brainless little shit. You are a racist, uneducated little wanker.

- Eniola

and yet you fail to prove him wrong, funny that ;)

What do you mean “I fail to prove him wrong” he has absolutely no facts and statistics that are credible for me to disprove. He made sweeping statements about “Africa” and “tribes” and then “backed it up” with some shitty pie charts. Do you even know anything about history? You’re just a racist anti-black swine. I suggest you fuck all the way off you empty headed cretin.

- Eniola

You’re just a racist anti-black swine” lmao, the irony. 

anyway, you still haven’t proven him wrong. why don’t you do that instead of whining and spouting buzzwords? 

And would you like to explain why she is obligated to “prove him wrong” when he is the one using incorrect data from “evidence” made of faulty information in order to make statements about a continent that are patently false and have been proven wrong for a very long time now?

 Why is the onus on her and not him to prove he’s being factual instead of being intellectually dishonest?  He’s the one who decided to write up a lecture on how inferior black people are and their supposed lack of accomplishments.   Therefore, the onus should be on him to prove all of that instead of relying on anti-blackness to get people to blindly believe him.

He’s also the one calling them an ableist slur.  The guy obviously has NO knowledge about the continent, black people…or heck, any racial history beyond what he probably read on Stormfront somewhere; considering that a basic glance would tell you he is wrong.  He is just another “race realist”, those people are borderline crack pots with their “theories” on race and are not to be given any legitimacy, especially about the racial history of people of color. Notice, for example:

  • How informal the graphs are, look at the categories, the incorrect classifications, the lack of legitimate sources.
  • Recognizing Egypt the country but treating the rest of Africa like a single country, any expert on the region would know that Africa has at least 57 countries with their own languages, cultural achievements.  He would also have acknowledged black migration, the Moors, etc.
  • The unprofessional “comparisons” of the Ancient Egyptian’s features, none of the people in the picture have features that black people cannot have and I could easily pull up more pictures of Ancient Egyptian art and compare it to black people and get matches as well.
  • The mention of “Native white Africans”, a tactic used by white supremacists in order to introduce the idea that the Egyptians were Europeans; that’s seriously Stormfront 101.
  • The claim that the area has no black people, therefore erasing a lot of people who (if they were actually being factual) they would have acknowledged.  
  • Their lack of knowledge about actual Egyptian history; they’re making claims but provide no actual evidence and are silent about the colonization that led to the change in demographic.  It is the factual equivalent of claiming that the modern Mayans are just Spanish because of the conquistadors.  We all know that’s incorrect.   
  • They’ve ignored people who have presented lived in experience or counter evidence to their claims.
  • The way he claims that black people were only in power in Egypt for a very small period, another tactic used by anti-black colonizers and white supremacists who want to divorce Egypt from the rest of Africa because that is the best known empire in Africa and they are invested in the idea that black people were worthless before they were colonized or enslaved, in order to justify how they view and threat them now.  It is the equivalent of saying that that Native Americans were only “in power” for a short period of time and the true Native Americans were white all along.  That is incorrect, so anyone who know’s that shouldn’t believe the same claims about North Africa.
  • The way he treats Egypt as if it was insulated from blackness, even middle schoolers know better than that.  
  • The fixation on Egypt and the use of the word “Afro-centric” in this context are also tactics used by white supremacists because archaeologists (many in name only) grew obsessed with the region and there was a push back against any ideas that attributed their achievement to black people (which is why you won’t hear about any African empire outside of Egypt). 
  • Hello, the people who subscribe to his views are the same people who thought they were Caucasian because they assumed they were the “prettiest”.  Any “facts” gathered from their “research” should always be taken with a grain of salt, it has never been about true facts as much as it has been about protecting white supremacy and destroying all evidence that doesn’t cater to that.

The best thing about having to observe these people is that you learn their tactics and how they use them; also how they say these things and then try to look for people to get angry with them so that they can “prove” their confirmation bias to be correct and be the “logical” one.  So he not only gets to attack black people but he get the added bonus of being treated like the “proper” one because he’s being calm (and of course he would be, he’s not the one having his history be trampled all over in the name of white supremacy is he?)…while spreading racist information that is factually unsound.  

Odds are he’ll claim he’s not “racist” just “realistic”. He’s not interested in facts, you won’t change his opinion. Notice how he made the post, then threw an ableist slur at a person who gave him the response him deserved, and then baited people like the guy I’m reblogging from to take his side, because of the “tone argument”, since racism puts PoC under extra scrutiny to take this stuff calmly and “educate”.  Note how someone’s already saying Eniola is in the wrong for reacting to him but not saying anything about his use of an ableist slur and blatant racism.  

So why is Eniola “whining” and in the wrong when he’s the one at fault and the one continuing to embarrass himself using data created (because it sure as heck isn’t factual) by people who either are just plain racist or benefit from the colonization of the areas in question?

(also, part of me thinks he sent that anon to himself in order to write that long spiel…they do that a lot.  Their ego depends on it.)

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According to the latest figures, 150 people are confirmed to have been killed in the sinking ferry Sewol. South Korean media reported that when found, the bodies of so many students had broken fingers and toes. This shows that the child was trying desperately to find a way out before being engulfed.

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Perfect Outfits // Nicki Minaj
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privileged kids go to counseling, poor kids go to jail.
— judge mathis, speaking the truth (via spring1999)
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